Cadiz and Jerez: Flamenco Hunting

Cadiz – view from above After weekend after weekend of studying Spanish and seeing the sights in Madrid, I decided it was time for a little bit of adventure. So, I walked down to the train station and bought a ticket to Cadiz, Andalusia, booked a hostel and waited for the weekend to arrive. Friday I had my backpack strapped on and I arrived 15 minutes … Continue reading Cadiz and Jerez: Flamenco Hunting

Flamenco Extraordinaire

Through one of the many events promoted by my school, the administration arranged for students to enter (for free) to see world-renowned flamenco dancer, Rafael Amargo at the super up-scale night club Carpe Diem. The club is located right on the beach front property of Barcelona’s Port Olímpic and is actually built underground. As you walk down the red velvet stairs you can’t help but follow the alluring … Continue reading Flamenco Extraordinaire