Festa Major de Gracia

As you may or may not know, Barcelona is split up into a variety of “zones” or “barrios” (e.g. neighborhoods) that locals use to refer to different areas of the city. Some of the more “well-knowns” being Barrio Gotico (the old Gothic section of the city where you can easily lose yourself in-between dreary, dark streets), Barceloneta (where tourists flock to catch some rays on … Continue reading Festa Major de Gracia

San Fermín Running of the Bulls 2012

San Fermín, famously know as the “Running of the Bulls” is a 9 day festival in July, celebrated in the little northern, Basque town of Pamplona. It is considered the “mother” of all Spanish fiestas, where the wild, the out-of-control, the uncouth, and the unashamed come out to play. It is the “thought-I-got-that-type-of-behavior-out-of-my-system-in-college…guess not” type of fiesta. With a modest population of 200,000, Pamplona explodes … Continue reading San Fermín Running of the Bulls 2012

Dia de Sant Jordi

Dia de Sant Jordi(the patron Saint of Catalunya since 1456), has been celebrated in Catalunya for many years. Just out of coincidence April 23rd also happens to be Dia Internacional del Libro (International Book Day), as two of history’s most legendary literary geniuses, Shakespeare and Spain’s very own Cervantes, passed away. Today, the center of Barcelona was packed with people as Spain’s two major shopping … Continue reading Dia de Sant Jordi