Toledo: El Alma de España

The past weekend my American friend Cynthia and I took a short day trip to Toledo, about a 30 minute train ride outside of Madrid. Now, we all know that Spain is home to some beautiful cities with incredible remains of old civilizations, cultures and architecture. And yet Toledo, this teeny tiny medieval fortress city, has been named the “El Alma de España” (or “the soul of Spain”). Toledo is … Continue reading Toledo: El Alma de España

Madrid, es que no me caíste bien…

So in Spanish there are a variety of ways to say that you like something, or that someone or something fits you well. In regards to people, there are two ways to express this. The first is llevarse bien o mal con alguien which means, “to get along well with someone, or not.” Ejemplo: Mi compañero de trabajo y yo nos llevamos muy bien. = my … Continue reading Madrid, es que no me caíste bien…

La Despedida de Mi Querida Barcelona

[English Translation at the end] Me parece apropiado escribir este blog final en español. Hace un año publiqué en mi blog, “Como tercera generación puertorriqueña siento que he perdido el contacto con mi herencia latina – especialmente el idioma. Hace dos años que descubrí el baile de salsa – y que encontré un pedazo de mi alma que había estado añorando. El próximo capítulo de … Continue reading La Despedida de Mi Querida Barcelona

Festa Major de Gracia

As you may or may not know, Barcelona is split up into a variety of “zones” or “barrios” (e.g. neighborhoods) that locals use to refer to different areas of the city. Some of the more “well-knowns” being Barrio Gotico (the old Gothic section of the city where you can easily lose yourself in-between dreary, dark streets), Barceloneta (where tourists flock to catch some rays on … Continue reading Festa Major de Gracia