Festa Major de Gracia

As you may or may not know, Barcelona is split up into a variety of “zones” or “barrios” (e.g. neighborhoods) that locals use to refer to different areas of the city. Some of the more “well-knowns” being Barrio Gotico (the old Gothic section of the city where you can easily lose yourself in-between dreary, dark streets), Barceloneta (where tourists flock to catch some rays on … Continue reading Festa Major de Gracia

San Fermín Running of the Bulls 2012

San Fermín, famously know as the “Running of the Bulls” is a 9 day festival in July, celebrated in the little northern, Basque town of Pamplona. It is considered the “mother” of all Spanish fiestas, where the wild, the out-of-control, the uncouth, and the unashamed come out to play. It is the “thought-I-got-that-type-of-behavior-out-of-my-system-in-college…guess not” type of fiesta. With a modest population of 200,000, Pamplona explodes … Continue reading San Fermín Running of the Bulls 2012