More about this blog

My name is Dominique and this is my travel blog! I am 28-years old, raised in California, currently living in Mexico City with my husband. I started this blog over 5 years ago in late 2011 when I went on my big international adventure and moved to Barcelona Spain to work as an Au Pair and learn Spanish. It was a year of discovery and adventure. Spain couldn’t keep me away and in 2013 I returned, this time Madrid, to continue my Spanish learning. Now, 2016 brings me new adventures as my husband’s job has brought us to Mexico City! This BLOG is for close friends and family, and well, for myself. I don’t pretend to be an amazing writer, but it is a way for me to share my experiences and keep them forever written down. I write about what interests me, what amazes me – whether it be food, or music, or a beautiful church, or an experience, or just a regular day that I want to document. 

I like to call myself an incurable optimist (or you could say I am just stubborn), as nothing is ever impossible. I love many things; reading, eating, cycling, yoga, traveling, taking pictures, learning new languages. I titled my blog, “Mariposa,” or “butterfly,” because the analogy of the life of a butterfly is exactly how I see myself – starting small, and discrete and changing, growing, and evolving, into something much more vibrant and beautiful. You don’t know what color or how big the butterfly will be until it pops out of its cocoon, but you know that a butterfly is always beautiful, no matter what color it ends up being. Life is a long, beautiful journey.