Off-the-Beaten-Path Day Trips Around Mexico City with Azteca Travel Tours

In 2004, husband and wife duo Lidia Herrera and Peter Winkers, began Azteca Travel Tours mostly as a hobby, and as a way to share their love of travel with others. Over the next six years, Azteca Travel Tours grew organically as word spread between family, friends and acquaintances. Soon, they began to attract clients outside of their immediate social circle. In order to meet growing demand, they revamped their cultural tour offerings in 2010 to provide more variety for both foreigners and locals.

Lidia, born and raised in Mexico City, and Peter, a Dutch man, who originally came to Mexico City on a temporary assignment, seem like an unlikely pair. Although after ten minutes with them, their passion for their work is unmistakable. Lidia comments affectionately that Peter has a corazón mexicano (a Mexican heart) and has a deep respect for its land and culture. The couple is inseparable and rarely conduct tours without each other. As they guide trips every Saturday and Sunday, weekends off are few and far between; however, they are grateful that each trip offers them a way to grow as individuals and as a company. It brings them great joy to show the natural beauty, customs and traditions of un México escondido (a hidden Mexico), and to change the negative perception that often times plagues the country.

Lidia and Peter are constantly diversifying their products and services. Day trips to lesser known Pueblos Mágicos (declared magic towns by the mexican government), like Malinalco, Valle de Bravo, Real de Monte, Tlaxcala are offered every weekend, as well as visits to natural wonders and archeological sites, such as las grutas (deep underground caves), Cascadas de La Concepción (the waterfalls of conception), and Tula de Allende (capital of the Toltec Empire). Two to three day weekend trips to destinations such as Veracruz, Guadalajara, Acapulco and Ixtapa are offered once a month and average between 1,500 – 3,500 pesos. Between November and March, travelers can join in on a bi-weekly excursion to one of the monarch butterfly sanctuaries. Another tour includes a day trip to the Piedra Herrada sanctuary in the morning, a stop in the town in Valle de Bravo and a boat ride on the lake.
Azteca Travel Tours keeps prices low not only appeal to the for

Foreign traveler, but also to encourage locals to participate. Their 12-hour, bilingual day trips (7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.) are between 600-700 pesos and groups average between 4-10 people. Although Lidia is a certified tour guide, the couple often brings on local guides to add different perspectives and to support local operators.

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